Pañuelo Flotando, Ágata de oren


Materials: sterling silver, silver chain and natural Oren Agate.

This pendant belongs to the exclusive "Floating Handkerchief" collection and has been handcrafted to combine the natural elegance of a beautiful Orén Agate, famous for its warm golden and reddish tones that evoke the richness and warmth of the earth, with an undulating sterling silver structure.
Inspired by the gentle movement of a handkerchief in the wind, every aspect of the pendant has been meticulously crafted, beginning with a pink wax model that captures the essence of movement and fluidity. Subsequently, every detail has been carefully honed and polished, ensuring a flawless finish. The result is a unique and sophisticated piece of jewelry, a pendant with a name of its own.
Each pendant of the Abstract Shapes collection is unique and fits the shapes and sizes of the stone, on request can be customized with other types of stones and sizes.
The measures of this pendant are: 51 mm long by 43 mm and the length of the chain is 50mm

The package is sent by registered mail, in its corresponding box with a descriptive card.

The stone that we serve is natural so we get a unique look in each necklace that is delivered, because of this, you can find different nuances with respect to the photos on the web.

The delivery time is indicative, it may change depending on the location of the recipient,

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