Juegos Lineales Pompas


Materials: Sterling silver

These small stud earrings included in the Linear Games collection are sterling silver earrings inspired by geometric shapes. These simple, small jewellery pieces are attached to the ear. They are made from cast silver that has been rolled, cut and filed with the skill of a true artisan.

Handmade with all the care that goes into a handmade piece, jewellery with its own name.

It is completely designed and handmade by me in my workshop in Madrid.

It is delivered in a card and wrapped in an envelope.
The package is sent by registered mail in a bubble envelope.
The delivery time is approximate, it may change depending on the location of the recipient.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email to I will be happy to assist you and offer my help as soon as possible.

Measurements: 11mm long; 6mm wide.


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