Formas nocturnas


Materials: Silver approx 15g, 4,45g gold 18Tk approx 8 red sapphires 3 brilliants and an onyx teardrop.
Can be made only in sterling silver plated in 18kt gold.

Night Shapes is a pendant inspired by the shapes of shadows in the sky. A pendant made from green wax carved by hand playing with volumes combined with topaz, red sapphire and gold tears, this is a different pendant, a jewel with its own name.

All the jewellery where I combine gold and silver is rhodium plated to increase its durability and resistance to oxidation. But with continued use this bath can diminish with the consequence of the oxidation of the metal.

It is completely designed and handmade, handcrafted by me in my workshop in Madrid.

It is delivered in a box with a descriptive label.
The package is sent by registered mail in a bubble envelope.
The delivery time is approximate, it may change depending on the location of the recipient,

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email to I will be happy to assist you and offer my help as soon as possible.