Pendientes Yin Yang


Materials: Snowflake obsidian and sterling silver.

Yin Yang earring, this original and beautiful oval earring is made of one part of silver and another part of snowflake obsidian. The silver surrounds part of the stone that has a design work in which I combine threads, spheres, openwork, glitter and shades that mixed with the shapes and colours of the natural stone we get a subtle, unique, original and different yin yang. A jewel with its own name.

Measurements are: 18 mm long; 13 mm wide in a smooth oval shape.
If we include the earring hook, it has a total length of 32 mm.

The stones we use are natural stones, which gives a unique look to each earring that is delivered, because of this, you can find different nuances with respect to the photos on the web.

It is completely designed and handmade, handcrafted by me in my workshop in Madrid.

It is delivered in a box with a descriptive label.
The package is sent by registered mail in a bubble envelope.
The delivery time is approximate, it may change depending on the location of the recipient.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email I will be happy to assist you and offer my help as soon as possible.

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